October 4, 2011

a peek at our new home + a giveaway winner

Oh shoot!  The kid is in day care for a few more hours so I'm just popping in to share a wee bit of news.  Earlier this week things got a whole lot more official for my family.  
The most recent house we've been dreaming of had a sold sign put in its front yard.  And that sold sign is thanks to us!!  It's really, actually happening this time friends.  This process has be intense, emotional and heartbreaking to say the very least.  I'm so happy that it's nearing an end.  We close in early November and will start our small renovations/decorating spree then.  We'll officially move from our apartment at the beginning of December.  This. is. HUGE!

For months and months I have been wishing and dreaming of being in our very first home for Christmas and it's actually happening.  This only furthers my belief that I always get what I want. ;)  I can't wait to share more about this process with you all.  Decorating. Christmas.  Decorating.  Christmas.  It's seriously all I think about these days.  Oh, and one little girls second birthday party.  Eeep!

Okay, I'm about to go and hyperventilate in a paper bag.  But first I have a giveaway winner to announce.  Congratulations go out to xoxohannah!