October 21, 2011

make it yourself: halloween treat bags

Today I have a quick and easy Halloween diy for you. I think it's nice to be able to add sweet little handmade elements to each holiday season. Since we don't get a huge number of trick or treaters at our front door (cause we live on Crack Den Alley) I decided that handmade treat bags would be a fun and not completely overwhelming project.

This project is pretty darn simple but does require a few specialized craft supplies. Besides the sewing machine (not completely necessary) you'll need:
a piece of soft carving lino (or a big eraser)
lino cut handle and blades
letter stamps
craft knife
scrap fabric (preferably white or another light solid colour)

First things first you'll sew together the bag pieces. The size of the bags depends on how much cash you want to spend on candy. Sew up three edges and you're pretty much done with the bag. I leave the edges raw because it's really spooky that way (and you know those little bastards are just going to throw away the bag anyway).

Now you'll make the stamp. The ghost involves using the lino cutter and blades. If you've never done this before worry not because it is very simple. ThreadBanger posted a video about how to do this and it's just as good as any tutorial I'd whip up.

Apply ink.

and squish stamp...

apply BO...

Stuff with candy and add ribbon.

And there you have it! Creepy and cute Halloween treat bags.

I'll be back soon with even more Halloween diys. Until then...