October 18, 2011

fresh in a dusty kind of way (or my blog got a makeover)

Gooooood morning everyone!  Can you smell the change in the air?  Wait, does the Internet have air?  Wait, are you reading this in a reader.  Okay, this didn't start right.  If you're reading this in a reader then please click here.  If you're not then....oops, sorry for all that nonsense you just finished reading.  Anyway, now that we're all here do you notice anything?  What?  No I didn't get a hair cut!  Good gracious - look around would you?!!  

That's right!  My Girl Thursday got a real fancy makeover last night while most of you were off in dreamland.  I'm so flipping happy with it!  I've been working on it for a couple of weeks.  I actually had a whole other blog design done but it just wasn't clicking for me 100%.  Then one night I stumbled upon this record cover and I knew I had found my muse.
As with each new design job I learned a few new tricks (that sounded slightly hookerish).  I couldn't find a font like that anywhere online.  When I was whining about it one night my Twitter friend Lindsay suggested that I just make my own.  And I did (sort of).  How bout that.  Then there are the rollovers in the sidebar.  I won't begin to try to explain how many times I fudged that up.  What's important to know here is that Katrina is a superhero and I adore her.  But you all know that.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fancy new look for their online home you can contact me here to chat about pricing, turn-around time and dreamy prom dates other fun stuff.  

While you're browsing around if you happen to find something that looks wonky please let me know in the comments below.  I have a bad habit of installing new designs at 2am and things are easily overlooked at that hour.