October 17, 2011

365 lucky days

I'm rarely this bouncy on a Monday morning but I am thrilled to bits and pieces to share this post with you all today.  But first I want to start with a bit of a back story.

A long time ago I lived in a city that is not the city I live in now.  Back then I would spend hours prowling the pages of Etsy looking for interesting artists.  Over and over again a shop called Almost Famous* would pop up and I was obsessed with ev-er-y-thing.  I was a huge fangirl.  Remember when you had to wait for Etsy treasuries to reach a certain capacity before you could create a new one?  And you'd have to hit the refresh button at lightspeed to make sure you could get it?  I did that once.  And that one time the first item I chose for my collection was an Almost Famous print.

At some point I noticed that the shop was based out of Peterborough, Ontario.  Interesting, I was moving there in just a few short months.  Once I made the move I decided to resume the diy screenprinting workshops that I ran out of my home.  Soon after I got an email that someone had registered.  After some wiley online detective work I figured out that it was Jen and I nearly peed my pants.  I was actually really nervous.  Most social interaction makes me uneasy but I had a big time art crush on this lady.  I had spent my fair share with artist types and I never fit in.  I was convinced that this woman was going to think I was a total nerd.

The day of the workshop came and when I met Jen I was so relived.  She was so down to earth and friendly and - holy crap - really, really pretty.  Still is.  I shouldn't have used past tense.  She is still actively all of those things.  But that's it.  That's how years ago I met one of the most talented people I know.  To this day her work makes me so happy.  And excited.  And giddy.  And inspired.  Did I mention happy?

Not too long ago Jen started a project called 365 Happy Days.  Do you know about this?  If not you need to keep reading!  On September 20th she started posting daily blog posts about a new embroidered piece that she had created just hours before.  Her embroidery work is like nothing I've ever seen before.  If you're anything like me her subject matter will have you making the "omg that's awesome!!" face every single day.

Just yesterday morning I finished installing an updated blog design over on 365 Lucky Days.  If you like love what you see please be sure to subscribe by Bloglovin, email or even Google Friend Connect so you can stay up to date.  You can even follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.  This is probably the one site (you know, besides Perez Hilton) that I check obsessively throughout the day just waiting for the next post.  Give it a few days and I bet you will be too.

*Almost Famous was reborn as Lucky Jackson back in 2007.