September 21, 2011

what I wore...when I was getting stuff done

If there's one thing that INXS taught me it's sometimes you kick...
...and sometimes you just embarrass yourself.
Yesterday the kid was in day care so I had the day to get things done.  I packaged parcels, continued cleaning the craft room and even managed to write a post or two.  Perhaps the thing keeping me the busiest is planning the future of this blog.  What I would love to show more of on My Girl Thursday are creative projects.  By days end I had two full pages of tutorial ideas.  I'm feeling so inspired and uplifted after all of your kind comments the other day.  Serious beans, thank you all for being so flipping awesome. 
I've also been brainstorming big glorious things for my 2nd blogoversary.  It's a ways away (only 130+ days) but I want to do it up right.  Thus far I've decided on the giveaways (you know me, I love a good giveaway).  I won't say what it is but I will say that you will probably freak the big freak.  I would anyway.  Also, sorry for being a tease but I ain't going to tell.  Don't you hate people that do that?
scarf: vintage  //  shirt: Stitches (stop laughing)  //  cardigan: thrifted  //  jeans: thrifted
boots: thrifted  // brooch: c/o Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree