September 28, 2011

what I wore...on training day

Yesterday was one of those cursed early mornings.  I plopped the kid off at day care and headed out for a morning of government sanctioned training.  Voting day is coming soon to Ontario and on the big day I'll be overseeing a voting station.  I feel super official.  I kind of wish they'd give me a badge or something.

I don't normally dress in so much black.  Perhaps it's a passive aggressive ode to 7am.  I had Jesse shoot these photos when I got back home.  I had to throw in a little drunken stumbling interpretive dance to brighten up the scene.
sunglasses: c/o Tumbleweeds  //  scarf: Sympathy for the Rebel  //  jacket: thrifted
tank: WalMart  //  leggings: WalMart  //  boots: handed down from Grandma