September 6, 2011

pretend pioneers

Last weekend Jesse, Georgia, Leah (Jesse's mom) and I drove out to a wee place known as Keene to enjoy the annual corn roast at Lang Pioneer Village.  There was music, animals, a lot of wood and some pioneer water balloons.  Oh!  And let's not forget some happy memories in the making.

When I was a child I went to a lot of family friendly events like this with my Grandma Shorty.  My mom would leave me at her house for the week and I would help my her wait tables for a Masonic dinner or sell raffle tickets at the maple syrup festival or take care of admission fees for a strawberry social.  I attended more of these events then I can count but I rarely took part as a participant.  That's not a complaint though, I was more than happy to have a place to park my lazy bum.

Now that my kid is running around and having fun exploring I adore events like these.  There's something about driving out to the sticks and hanging out in a field that makes me feel at home.  And I think that someday when Georgie has a little one of her own she'll remember these outings as fondly as I do.