September 12, 2011

making memories at the worlds crappiest fair

The Warkworth Fair has become a family tradition going on three years now.  Each year it lays claim to an elimination car draw and each year my grandmother buys me a ticket.  Oh, and each year I totally convince myself that I'm going to win it. Other than the raffle this fair doesn't have too much going on.  To put it bluntly this fair is the suckiest-suck crapfest that ever did blow....and I love it!!*  I have always enjoyed teeny-tiny town fairs the most.  They have carnies that refute the existence of Santa in front of children, drunk chicks operating a donut fryer and the best damn handknit mittens you'll ever find for five bucks.  This year was my favourite by far because George has come into her own and can finally enjoy days like this.  Here's to making happy summer end memories!

*Don't take it personally Warkworth fair.  I really do love you.  I'll see you again next year.