September 27, 2011

do this yourself: wire hanger makeover

Heyo!  Today I thought I'd share a little diy I did up for Smile and Wave in the summer.  It's too cute not to share here too.  Happy crafting!

Here's what you'll need:
medium to large sized fabric scraps
wire hanger
straight pins
seam ripper or embroidery scissors
fabric scissors
sewing machine

Place your fabric right side down on a table.  Take your wire hanger and trace around the shoulder portion of the hanger.  Be sure to leave a ¼ inch seam allowance around the edges and also a 1 inch seam allowance at the bottom. (I implore you not to use a black Sharpie for tracing.  I just did that so the markings would be clear in the photo.  You’ve been impolored.)
Repeat this step with a new piece of fabric with the right side up.

Pin your pattern pieces right sides together.
Begin stitching around the edges – but leave the bottom edge open!
When you get to the tab at the top of the hanger cover you'll want to fold both sides down and sew over with a longer stitch.  If I had wanted to be all professional I would have pinned this down in the beginning...
Turn out your fabric and iron seams flat.
Double fold your bottom edge and iron flat.
Sew around the edge in its entirety.  If you're really serious about doing an awesome job you may consider pinning down your hem before sewing.  I think we're all learning what kind of a seamstress I tend to be...
So you can poke the hanger hook through you’ll need to open a couple of stitches at the top of your cover.  Carefully do this with a seam ripper or embroidery scissors.
Gently slip the hanger hook through the top of the cover and you’re all done!  If you’d like to add a little something extra you can tie a piece of rik-rak or ribbon in a bow around the neck of the hanger.