September 20, 2011

the day we rode an elephant (and a camel too!)

On Sunday we headed to Bowmanville for some zoo-tastic good times.  We met up with my longtime friends Stacy and Joel to celebrate their daughters first birthday.  One thing I learned that day is that I'm unable to name almost every zoo animal possible.  If you were closeby you would most certainly have heard me say 'Oh George, look at that.....thing' several times over.
This fine fellow had the most jacked up teeth I've come across recently.  Apparently he knew it because he refused to pose for a head on shot.  Each time I thought I had it he's swish his head the other direction.
Jesse and Georgia rode this camel like they've been doing it their entire lives.  Then it was my turn to meet with this lass.  I'm not too proud to admit that my pants were rather scardy.  I kept telling Jesse that we could leave the zoo now and I'd come back next summer to ride the elephant. 
Georgia, on the other hand, couldn't contain her excitement and she was making elephant noises in protest until she took her rightful seat (note the total fear all over my face zone).
And here's the obligatory Instax shot for my goal journal.  Number twenty - you have been checked!
We had such a great day at the zoo.  Lots of important memories were made with wonderful friends and beautiful babies.  ♥