September 9, 2011

blog fandom: those that make me itch to thrift

Well lookie here - the cheerleader is back!  Yup, the Blog Fandom feature took an extended break in August but it's back and this week it's thriftier than ever.

This category is tricky.  I thought I had planned these out really carefully but this is where my mistakes may show.  A lot of the bloggers that I adore are supurb thrifters.  What can I say?  I like to run with the second-hand crowd.  Down below are just a couple of my favourite blogs that feature an array of lust-worthy thrifted finds.

Rachel always has me wondering what the heck is going on in the Midwest.  Seriously, are you having the best luck life ever or is that zone just jam packed with amazing thrift.  Did you all see her newest couch?  That was months ago and my stomach is still doing the flip-flop of envy.  And to top it off Rachel has a fabulous design sensibility that leaves her with one of the cutest and liveable homes I've ever spied on a blog.  I'm just waiting for the day that she offers an e-course in better thrifting.  Even an old hat such as myself could use some advice now and then.

I think the thing I like most about the Doe-c-Doe blog is that Gina, for the most part, lets her photos do the talking for her.  Maybe you've noticed but I'm a bit of a chatty Cathy.  I have an appreciation for those can get their message across in fifty words of less.  Gina has a fantastic eye for treasures, great photography skills and possibly the most awesome collection of vintage signage ever.  And the cherry on top?  Her embroidery work is the best I've ever seen!  I flip for every single piece.

I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I do.  Of course there are a million and one blogs out there that show off an amazing selection of thrifted finds - so please be sure to share your favourites below!  I'll be back in a couple hours with my lastest vlog.  This week I'm talking abouts goals (not that kind but I just had to).