September 19, 2011

annoyed, boring and seeking your feedback

Lately I feel messy.  And for me messiness tends to lead to hopelessness.  Then hopelessness tends to lead to dullness.  Know what I mean?  Life gets busy and then you feel out of control so then you give up and just feel blaaaaaaaaah.  I am blah.

There's a room in my home that is the embodiment of how I,m feeling these days.

How the hell did this happen?!  Well, I know how it happened but why did I ever let this happen?  What's worse is that this scene is ten times better than what what it was last night.  This room is supposed to be my work space and this is what it looks like.  I don't think I can properly put words to how very annoyed I am with myself.  Very annoyed.

I think some of this frustrated feeling comes from the fact that I've been letting my commitment to blogging slide.  I hate to admit that here in front of everyone but at the same time I think it's rather obvious.  I had a really, really fun summer with my family.  I wouldn't trade that for the world.  But I can't deny the fact that all the fun did step on the toes of blog job (Woah, did you see that right there.  I said blog job.  Not the other thing. Wink wink.)  I'm not having the easiest time getting back in the swing of things but I do have the desire to come back and make this place better than ever!  To finally give myself enough time to actually get things done and spend quality time with my family I've put Georgia in day care for two full days a week.  And those those of you who question the "quality time" and "daycare" in combination I promise you that it makes sense for this little family.

So today I resolve to clean up this messy room, messy head, messy life of mine and come out feeling refreshed and less bogged down.  I'll choose to see this mini catastrophe as an opportunity.  Besides, I think there's always something good to be found in the ruins.

If you've made it all the way to the end of this rambling post I have a question for you.  What would you like to see more of on My Girl Thursday?  Outfit posts, tutorials, vlogs, blog advice...what keeps you interested?  I have lots of ideas of my own but it's always nice to get feedback on the content that y'all are enjoying too. ♥