August 16, 2011

you're the one to decide

Sometimes things can suck and be cool all at once.  There are so many exciting and happy things happening for myself and my family right now.  But to add a touch of balance there are smaller crappy things happening.  To those insignificant crap things I say kiss my butt.  My life is going to be as awesome as I allow it to be.

I'm going to try to make time to film a vlog tonight so I can share some of my more exciting life news with you all tomorrow.  We'll see.  I'd have to do my hair first.  The cons are already outweighing the pros in that situation.

This glasses thing was Georgia's idea.  She loves it when I vacuum and she usually chases me around yelling 'Caaaaat!  Caaaat!' because of the decal on the front.  Today she had her giant glasses in hand and had something else in mind.