July 26, 2011

what I wore...to a golden anniversary

This past Sunday my maternal grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage!  Fifty.  And we did it in the classiest way possible too.  Our small clan gathered at the finest greasy spoon in Campbellford, Ontario and sat awkwardly amongst one another.  It's a family tradition.

dress: borrowed from the shop  //  belt: thrifted  //  shoes: thrifted

See that thing on my left arm in the last two photos?  That's Bertha.  She's my favourite birthmark.  I don't think you've ever been formally introduced.  When I started getting my half sleeve tattoo I had a moment of panic when I thought that she might be getting covered up.  I had to stop for a second just to make sure she was going to make it out alive.  Maybe someday I'll introduce you to Fred my favourite freckle.  He's cool.