July 21, 2011

what I wore...to the circus (+ a giveaway winner)

For real.  We went to the circus.  I was easily the most excited member of our family.  Jesse, he's a good dad and he's pretty much down for whatever.  Georgia was the most excited about the popcorn.  And me?  I was all kinds of giddy over the sequins and tassels.  I guess I never really got over those things.

shirt: vintage (thrifted) / leggings: WalMart / shoes: Aldo (thrifted)
nail polish: Sally Hansen Fairy Teal / in my hair: vintage pin on a headband

Sadly I didn't get any photos of the performers.  I didn't think cameras were allowed and my non-flash photos just weren't coming out.  I am such a chicken about getting crap from event security!

It was interesting to see Georgia watching the different acts.  She was thoroughly pleased with the hoop-jumping dogs but less impressed with the aerial acrobatics.  Part of me wonders if that's because her imagination hasn't been totally crushed yet.  Maybe she doesn't realize that people can't typically dangle from their neck twenty feet in the air.  Whatever the reason that kid was missing out!


Now there was something else I wanted to say.  What was it?  What was it?  Oh yes, of course!  If your name is Gabriella Tanis you'll be happy to know that you're the winner of the July sponsor giveaway.  Congratulations my friend!  I'll be in touch very soon.