July 6, 2011

what I wore... cherry picking mama

Fifth grade.  Playground.  Kids are shouting and calling each other 'cherry pickers.'  I'm confused about the true meaning of this term but I can only assume it has something to do with the extraction of underwear from ones behind.  I smile and nod and go back to my corner in Quiet-Shy-Girl Town.

Many years later.  Sitting at my computer.  Preparing an outfit post.  Consider referencing 'cherry picker' slang.  Remember an embarrassing moment on Twitter when I said something about 'turtlenecking' before consulting Urban Dictionary.  Look up 'cherry picker' on said website.

Dear friends, Rest assured that I am not in the business of preying on virgins or reserving all the easy work for myself (anymore).  The truth is that I attended a cherry picking party on Saturday and I put myself in a dress for that very special occasion.

I had such a good time hanging out with friends while Georgia did somersaults in the grass.  Barbeque, blog chat, babies - bliss!

As a sidenote: I didn't pick one damn cherry.  I don't even like cherries.