July 4, 2011

a silence so good

I've rarely been known to keep my blog this quiet for this long, but I've been out and about living it up Disney channel style (without the subsequent drug addiction and nude photo scandals).  During the two previous years my body was in no condition to withstand the heat and humidity, so I sat around all pouty-face while my skin was enveloped in a layer of sticky summer grossness.  But this year has been a whole other story. The weather feels like absolute perfection.  I don't know if it's all that different from years previous but I'm in a different body that can finally stand up for itself.  I'm having the best summer of my life.

I was trying to pinpoint just what it is that is making life so beautiful right now and I've decided that it's all thanks to this little lady.  I swear, she has the energy of at least 2 1/2 children  (I'm quite certain I can find others that will attest to this).  Trying to keep her indoors when it's not a necessity is a recipe for the worlds finest headache.  So in an effort to evade said headache Jesse and I are dreaming up every possible scenario to amuse and exhaust this wackadoodle wonder.

Some of our favourite summertime activities include:

biking through the extensive bike paths in our hometown
turning a thrifted sandbox into a resort style pool
chasing the cat around the backyard
day trips to visit thrift stores family (okay, both)
lots and lots of play dates
renting a paddle boat and escaping to far off islands
hopping on the bike again to visit the water before bedtime

Okay, when I write it all out it kinda sounds mundane, but I tell you - in the moment life is bliss.

Anything putting a smile on your face this holiday weekend?  If the answer is no then perhaps this video below will change that.  Everything about these videos from Madison make me smile!