July 5, 2011

blog talk happens tomorrow night!

Hey hey hey!  Just a friendly reminder that Blog Talk: A Live Video Chat Session will take place tomorrow night at 8:30pm est.  I'll be co-hosting this little party with my friend Carly - so there will be two bloggy brains to pick (ewww, there has got to be a better expression out there).

I've decided to host the whole shindig over at Tinychat because it allows users to hook up through their Facebook or Twitter (avoiding the whole hassle of registering if you're not into it).  The other nice thing about Tinychat is that if you're feeling camera shy you don't have to show your pretty little face.  I understand the shy thing.  If I wasn't hosting this thing there's not much of a chance you'd see my floating head bobbing about the screen.

I'm super excited for this and I really hope to see a lot of you there!  Bring your blogging and social media questions and I'll see what I can do about offering up some answers. 

See you on the flippity-flop!