July 29, 2011

blog fandom: those that make me LOL (they really do)


If someone were ever to do a series like Blog Fandom this is the category I'd most like to find my name mentioned.  Some bloggers wish to be known for their outfits, others for their baking or even for their awesome diy skills.  But me, I dream of being known for making people laugh - kind of like a crafty, higher functioning version of Liz Lemon. (I don't really care if you're laughing with me or at me.  It's all good.)

Without further ado please allow me to introduce you to the funny ladies of my Google Reader.

Elycia of Love Elycia

If there's one blogger that I identify with the most with it's Elycia (sorry my friend, that wasn't meant as an insult).  I have a very strong suspicion that she and I are the same brand of dork.  I really appreciate that she is totally and effortlessly genuine in her writing.  Best of all she vlogs fairly regularly and that's when she really shines.  This girl has made me cry-laugh on more than one occasion during one of her videos.  Keep up the good work Elycia.  I freaking love you.

There are so many things that I like about this shithead Becke.  She has one of the wittiest takes on small town Ontario life that I've ever come across.  She makes fun of my boyfriend.  She makes fun of me.  I'm pretty sure she's made fun of my kid (although, wait, that was probably me).  

She hasn't been blogging (or tweeting) much recently but I'm allowing myself to believe that once it's cold and she is forced back into her beautiful home she will have no choice but to return to the keyboard.  I'm holding my breath for it actually.   There's this unspoken understanding in my home that if you can hear me typing quickly and laughing loudly that you can only assume that I'm chatting with Becke.
Grace of Daily Grace

If you follow me on Twitter then you've no doubt witnessed my incessant tweeting of vlogs from Grace Helbig.  In the face of so much funny what is a girl to do but share it with the masses?  Some of my very favourite videos from Daily Grace are I Hate Myself and F*ucking Ballz.  Both are brilliant pieces of comedy brought to us by the blessed age of YouTube.  Don't watch these at work unless you brought a change of pants.

So that's all the blog I've got for your this week.  Do you have any favourite funny bloggers?  Please leave a link in the comments below.  I could use a good laugh when I wake up.

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