July 15, 2011

blog fandom: those that got me started

You know what?  I think it's time to give credit where credit is due.  That's why over the next eight weeks I'm going to feature many of my favourite blogs and bloggers.  I'll be splitting them into different categories and taking a moment to talk about why each one is special to me.  The point of these posts isn't to say that these people are greater or better than anyone else out there.  Instead I want show appreciation for these bloggers that I honestly adore and maybe even introduce you all to some new faces.
What better way to begin than to showcase some of the women that really inspired me to try my hand at this whole blog thing.  Let's get to know a few people that are partially to blame for this whole My Girl Thursday thing.

  Leigh Ann of Freckled Nest

I never quite know exactly what to say about Leigh Ann because I'm always overcome with the most serious case of respect.  I found Freckled Nest in my earliest days of blog reading.  I was excited to see this Canadian girl making it happen for herself in a totally diy fashion.  For years I had been involved in the indie craft scene but I had never come across someone who so completely had their act together.  

When I signed up for her Indie Biz course I saw many things in her that I knew were within myself.  The stories she told of her early business days, her complete determination and the ups and downs of her personal life were ringing true for me like the bells of Notre Dame.  I was going through a huge transition in my life at that time and just reading about her working through all the different stages in her life and career gave me some real-life hope that I could someday build my dream job.

Throughout my tiny blogging career Leigh Ann has been kind enough offer me support and encouragement, oftentimes when I've needed it the most.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't do a happy dance each and every time I see an email from her in my Inbox.  

I'm quite certain that she is responsible for the birth of many, many blogs out there.  I guess that's what happens when you're super freaking awesome. 

Des of So Fawned

Des may just be the first real-life blogger I ever met.  Okay, that's probably not true.  But she was probably the first real-life blogger that I ever met that ran a blog that I actually liked.  Yes, that makes more sense.  

When we met back in 2008 I was very half-heartedly running a My Girl Thursday blog over on Wordpress.org.  It was crap.  Total crap actually.  But still, Des was kind enough to leave a comment on each and every sporadic post that I published.  I think she may have even subscribed to the thing.  Back then I didn't even know what 'subscribed' meant so I wondered maybe if she checked the blog everyday to see if I had put up something new.  That or she had some mysterious sixth sense about new blog posts.

When I finally decided to get serious about this whole blog thing Des was the first person I approached for advice.  She was a new mom who ran a daily blog that had a loyal audience and she lived in the same podunk town as me.  How could all of these things coexist in the same run-on sentence?  I was very confused.  Well, she was kind enough to offer me some solid tips and tricks that I still employ today.  Thanks Des!