June 9, 2011

your blogging questions answered!

I think I need to start this post with an apology explanation of sorts.  These videos were filmed around midnight just as I was hitting my brick wall.  I had intended to shoot them hours earlier, but the power went out and I was pretty sure y'all didn't want to see me talking with a flashlight under my face (or maybe you do, that would be kind of funny).  You'll also probably be able to tell that I'm getting sick....again...again still.  I look like poop and I'm not fishing for a compliment.  But I prefer to answer reader questions in video form because it's a much easier way to communicate the tone of the conversation.

Okay, so down below I'm answer five questions about blogging:

How did I stay motivated in my early days of blogging when no one was reading?
How do I reach readers when I have a new blog?
When is it okay to start a sponsorship program on the blog?
What sort of posts encourage feedback/comments from readers?
How did My Girl Thursday begin?  What is your daily blog process?  Any suggestions for those who are employed full time and blogging too?

Just keep in mind that these are just my opinions and I'm by no means the authority on these things. :)

Thank you all for coming to my blog party!  It's been so much fun!!

Three non-blog party related notes:

You can help me help a friend and you might win a $100 shop credit to My Girl Thursday on Etsy in the process!  Zoe, of Giraffe in a Scarf, is trying to raise $3400 to raise funds for a life-saving surgery for her cat.  You all know that I have a seriously squishing place in my heart for the kitten kind so when I read Zoe's story I had to help.

Also, today I'm sharing a printable unicorn embroidery pattern on Sunshine and Carousels.  Now unicorns aren't normally my thing, but that's just the kind of magical crafting the very sweet Erin Wilson inspires.

And lastly (and I guess this is kind of blog party related), the incomparable Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave is hosting her very first blog party today!  I'll be sharing a quick and simple diy shortly.  In the meantime party it up with some awesome posts from other stellar bloggers.