June 24, 2011

thrifted: donnybrook loot

Each year before I go to the Donnybrook I try to create a small mental list of the things I'll be hunting for.  This year the key items were dresses for the shop, hair tools and maybe a lamp or two.  I was lucky enough to check many things off my list - and managed to find a few more things I didn't even know I needed.  Fancy that!

Here's a peek at just some of the stuff I scored...

Jesse was all about this chair as soon as we walked into the arena.  He thought it would be perfect for Georgia's room.  Unfortunately there was a young girl sitting in the chair for most of the night.  When auction time came she shouted FIFTY CENTS in unison with her sibling.  Well we doubled their bid and walked away with this sweet rocker for a buck.  Eat that you cheapass kids.

Each year I manage to leave with at least one ridiculous clock.  One year it was a cowboy boot, another time it was giant sundial sort of zodiac clock.  They hands are always bent up and busted and I never seem to get around to fixing them.  I hope I can turn around this streak with this kitschy little thing.

When I started the night I knew I was mega serious about finding a set of hot rollers.  If I wasn't willing to pay the $15 that Value Village was asking then I'd never hand over the $60+ that they want at the real store.  So when I spotted these things I planted myself at that table and prepared for a long wait.  Thirty minutes and $2 later I checked hot rollers off my to-be-thrifted list.

I found this robot just below the hot rollers.  I stood in front of the box and sneakily hid him from all the other crazies around me.  Initially I thought that he was a cassette player of some kind - but now I have no idea.  I was certain this thing was going to cause a massive bidding war and just the thought of that made my heart race.  Turns out that no one (and I mean no one) gave a hoot.  I picked up this mystery robot for $2. 

This is so cute!  I'm going to force Georgia to serve me breakfast in bed on this tray in a few more years.  Pancakes please!

And finally there's this camera.  Jesse found it and bought it for me.  I've never seen a Polaroid like this, have you?  I need to do a little research and see if it's possible to find film anywhere.  I love that he thought of me when he found this camera.  What a sweet guy.

I have a few more Donnybrook pieces that I'll try and share next week.  I'm already counting down the days until the next one!