June 20, 2011

an outfit post: what to wear while extreme thrifting

Ahhh!  The Donnybrook was so much fun this year!  It's no wonder I get all jittery excited about it months in advance.

When Jesse and I got home afterwards I was a total zombie (although my food of choice was Nanaimo bars and not brains).  There is something so exhausting about auction sales.  I think it must be burn out after all the adrenaline.  My heart races at these things.  I mentally prep myself for the most intense bidding wars - and it almost always turns out that no one wants the things I'm dying over.

On Friday I'll be sharing some of my Donnybrook loot, but for now I thought I'd show you all how I get dolled up for an extreme thrifting trip.

I was notably less excited when a complete stranger grabbed and twisted on my arm in order to get a better look at my tattoo.  At first I just tried to pull my arm back but she wouldn't let go.  Finally I had to say "I'm sorry but I don't like strangers touching me."  So very uncomfortable.

But you know, the fantastic greatly outweighed the awkward.  It was a very good night indeed.

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