June 17, 2011

an outfit post: the most wonderful time of the year*

*Perhaps I should disclose that I make that statement many, many times a year.  I just can't choose a favourite.

Ohmygosh, it's almost time for The Donnybrook!  That will and should mean absolutely nothing to most of you and that's just fine with me because it means less competition.

The Donnybrook is this crazy small-town bonanza that's equal parts rummage, yard and auction sale.  It's either hot and sweaty or rainy and freezing cold.  One thing is guaranteed - it will never be comfortable.  And still this is one of my very favourite times of year.

That's pretty much what my face looks like when I get to the fairgrounds.  If I have to wait in a line to get inside the clothes barn I dance like a five year old that has to pee.  (This is also my face when I see our cat outside and I want to chase her around the backyard.)

Let's move on to some more serious photos, shall we?  Because of that first photo it may not be immediately obvious that I can be a pretty high class lass too from time to time...

dress: The Arbor Vitae  //  belt: thrifted  //  shoes: thrifted deadstock vintage

This year I'll be searching for some sweet vintage duds, old magazines, maybe a toy sewing machine perhaps?  Ladies and gents (mostly ladies) I'm dreaming big!

I'm so excited!!! 

I caught the cat.