June 30, 2011

new dresses and other fancy things + a going postal sale

As I write this post I am watching the night turn to day and wishing my head were on a pillow.  I've working for hours prepping new listings for the shop.  I haven't added much recently because of the whole strike/lockout situation at Canada Post, but now that that is all behind us I'm bringing the cute back AND I'm having a sale!  

Check My Girl Thursday on Etsy at noon EST to see the fresh stock and use the coupon code MRPOSTMAN for 15% off your purchase price!  I'm going to keep this code active until Monday, July 4th so you can indulge in some sweet holiday weekend shopping.  

In the meantime here's an early peek of just a few of the newest pieces...

I'm adding 29 new pieces altogether!  Make sure you stop by and see what's new in a couple hours! ♥