June 15, 2011

guest post: a handmade wedding by pussycat vintage

Hello My Girl Thursday readers!! We are Nicole and Lindsay from Pussycat Vintage and we are thrilled to bring you a look into the wedding we  recently designed! Of course, we are also super excited to be writing this post. What a treat for us! 

To give you a little back story, the two of us have been friends for almost a full decade. We met through John (Lindsay's husband). We discovered immediately that we shared a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and became instant friends. We just celebrated our shop's one year anniversary in May.   We offer a wide range of quality vintage items for mamas, papas, kiddos and your home. Here is a little more about each of us!

Lindsay: I am married to my amazing husband John and we have two sons.  Gavin is ten and his personality is reminiscent of Alex Keaton ( Everyone who knows him is convinced he will be running a corporation out of his bedroom at sixteen).  Finn is four and is a wild, fearless free spirit.  We all live squished together in a small house with a chihuahua (Lulu), an iggy (Lord Winky von Larry) and a cat (Terrence Lightning).  I spend my time baking treats, wrangling creatures, reading anything and everything in sight and planning for our self sustaining, communal society.

Nicole: Mama to my wonderful son Logan (10) and my Boston Bulldog, Bacon (3). Girlfriend to my love, Gray who just moved here to IN from NY about 7 months ago to start our life together. It's been a pretty darn sweet life for the 4 of us ever since then. By day, I am a full time working gal for a coffee company in the accounting department. By night, I am a baseball mom, vintage shop owner, blogger and drinker of wine. I collect vintage bulldogs, and anything that has to do with Frankenstein. I love to travel and get the itch to get out of town at least once a month. Even if that means just taking a quick day road trip, I have to do it. We started our first garden this year and it has moved to the top of my list of "favorite things to do". 

We knew that we wanted to do something a little bit different for this feature and decided the wedding that we just designed would be a perfect fit! Our good friends Michelle and Omar got engaged on a trip to Portland the winter before last.  Michelle knew she wanted her wedding to have a handcrafted vintage feeling but felt unsure how to achieve it.  After lamenting about this over a few glasses of wine one night last summer, we offered to give it a try. Since Omar and Michelle are like most of us, and didn't have a huge budget, we relied heavily on garage sales, thrifting and ingenuity.    The venue itself  was perfect.  Starting with a good venue is probably the single most important element of planning a wedding.  If the space is already beautiful, it takes a lot less to make it look special.  Next, we singled out the details which were really important to them as a couple. Doing this allowed us to spend money on those important details and save on the others.  We tried really hard to incorporate their personalities into everything we did. It was amazing to see all of our hard work pay off!  We make quite a team! However, we couldn't have accomplished it all without the help, love and support of our beaus. We are pretty lucky ladies.  Here is a re-cap of the big day:

The venue.
Salomon Barn. All of the doors on the sides open up to make it a completely open venue. 
It's the perfect spot for a summer wedding. 

Lindsay and John.

We made origami flowers out of  vintage books to represent Michelle's love of literature. 
We also adorned the alter made our of branches with garlands made from these flowers.

All of the fans had an illustration of their beloved Bernie drawn by the maid of honor.
We also made napkins out of vintage sheets.

Who wouldn't want to sit at the Hall and Oates table? 
We also made little dinosaur brides and cat groom and placed them in globes. 
They represent each of Omar and Michelle's favorite things.

 These goats were out and about. Pretty precious.

 The Barry Manilow table.
 The bride and groom!

The Rod Stewart table.

 Us girls!

These are the escort cards and cd favors.

 Lindsay made this tiny wedding cake, just for bride and groom, 
with dinosaur bride and cat groom.

 The awesome cut-out made by John.
Gray as dinosaur bride and Nicole as cat groom.

We hope that you enjoyed our little wedding tour. 

Feel free to visit our shop and blog for more vintage treasures! 
Thank you for reading our post and we hope that you all have a wonderful day!

Nicole and Lindsay