June 7, 2011

blog what you love by jill of lune vintage

Blogging is a labour of love. It's easy to start one, but not so easy to maintain one! For me, the moment I started blogging about what I loved was the same moment I started loving my blog. Readers can tell if you're invested in your blogs content. When you're speaking from personal experience, or about something that really moves and inspires you it adds a dimension of reality to an otherwise detached online presence. Making that connection with like minded readers can be very strong, but it cannot be forced. Just like when you feel like some one's not "pulling off" a certain look or outfit, filling your blogs content with images or topics that don't reflect what you really love just because it's currently trendy will result in a disingenuous, uninteresting image - a real turn off.

Understanding how to differentiate what you appreciate in a trend or style of writing in other blogs, and what is really unique to your own voice and perspective takes time. Ask yourself questions such as:

1. If a close friend were reading my blog, would they recognise the speaker as me and see my personality in my style of writing?

2. Do the images and inspirational references I post on my blog reflect what I wear, love, have in my home, and/or do as a hobby in reality?

3. DIY's are great if you can stand behind them - Are the diys, tutorials and ideas you share with your readers something you have done in the past, or would love to do yourself? Would you have it in your home, wear it, or give it as a gift personally?

Lastly, this question may seem funny - but it's a true indicator if you're on the right track to blogging what you love (and loving your blog).

4. Do you enjoy looking back over time and reading your own blog? How does it make you feel when you read your own writing and see your own images?
If you read your blog yourself - that means you're presenting to the world what you love most about yourself. How much more can you possibly strive to achieve? It'll take time to get there - not all posts will be your favorite since we all have up and down days, inspired and dull ones.

Make a list of your favorite posts to date, and think about why you love them, and what makes them interesting for you to read and read again. Jot down these points in a short list. What are the common elements? Keep this short list as a reference to inspire you when you blog and to keep you on track with being true to yourself. Your style and confidence will grow with time until it's virtually effortless to express exactly who you are as a blogger and what your blog is about.

I promise, learning to love your blog will make it so much easier to be a regular dedicated blogger with a long future ahead, and a long list of loyal readers who enjoy your blog just as much as you do! Let your blog enrich your own life first, and the rest will follow.

Love Jill