June 29, 2011

blog talk: an upcoming live video chat session

Join me and my very special co-host, Carly (of Tea Cups and Bubblebaths), next Wednesday, July 6th at 8pm est to chat about all things blogging.  This will be a video chat but those of you without a webcam (or those who are uncomfortable on webcam) are welcome to take part too!  The venue hasn't been finalized quite yet, but as soon as those details are ironed out I will make an announcement here.

I get lots of questions from you all about blogging and other social media, so this is the time to get your queries answered! 

This isn't an RSVP event but if you're pretty sure you'll be taking part please leave your name, email and blog address below.  I want to take some time to visit your online home beforehand.  I may also send you a quick email with the location details too.

Let's get social my pretties!