May 31, 2011

what I wore... when we, like, went to the mall

Okay, I'm sorry, I shouldn't mock.  I know many of us probably visit the mall regularly.  I'm there more often than I'd like, but that's only because my favourite grocery store is there.....and maybe some mall Pad Thai.  Anyway, yesterday was grocery day so I insisted on getting dressed up in my new-to-me vintage jeans.

shirt: Joe Fresh  //  pin: Value Village  //  purse: thrifted  //
belt: thrifted  //  70s jeans: Stephie Lou Vintage  //  platforms: closet sale from this girl

If you're looking for a red, red lipstick that won't budge a bit you should try the L'Oreal Infallible in Beyonce.  Georgia is completely fascinated by a red lip and likes to put her grubby little hands all over my mouth when I wear one.  This stuff does not move until you kick it off your face with make-up remover.  I love it!

Happy Tuesday all you pretty people!  I'll be back tomorrow with some flipping exciting news!