May 18, 2011

what I wore: the day before today

Tuesday is definitely one of my favourite days of the week right now.  It's an easy day that doesn't require much thought.  No play dates or road trips; I usually spend the day cleaning and running errands.  Might sound menial, but when your week is as structured as mine it's a nice break from the normal pace.

I had the boy snap a few photos of me in my 'waitress' dress.  I have no real reason for calling it that, it just vaguely reminds me of something a waitress in the 80s would have worn.  I am truly terrible at posing for photos when there is a human behind the camera.  Here's what happens when Jesse says "Do a real pose!"

dress: rummage sale  //  belt: The Busy Bee  //  tights: Joe Fresh  //  shoes: Zellers  //  cat hair: Adelaide

Shortly after he said "You only get the photos that you pose for."  I don't know what he meant by that.  I'm pretty sure these are really flattering.