May 13, 2011

photo synthesis: assistant



from me:
Remember when being addicted to the internet was a shocking thing? News magazine shows would play stories about grown men that couldn't step away from their PC. Not really such a shocker anymore, is it? I mean, I could survive without it because I'm a crafty lady - but I would lose out on a lot of inspiration. And which site would I probably miss the most? YouTube. Almost daily I learn something new on YouTube. Can't figure out a coding problem? YouTube it. Need to learn how to do the perfect winged liner? YouTube it. Seriously, I may have consulted YouTube on how to safely bathe a newborn baby. In fact, we may have grown out of the helper stage and moved into a weird machine to human mentor relationship.

from Jess:
You can tell that winter is on its way when the cat creeps ever-closer. I like to call Gobbolino 'my little assistant' - though when he's doing things like this he's pretty much the opposite of helpful. I mean, where's my left arm supposed to go, mate? But it's awful hard to say no to such cuteness.