May 19, 2011


Two nights ago I was a happy fool bopping about my sewing room and doing some major destashing.  But as the midnight hour crept in so did a pesky sore throat.  A couple hours later my whole body was aching and telling me to go to bed. "But surely when I wake up in the morning I'll feel fine and dandy" I tell my pillow.

Not so friends, not even close.  I woke up with a raspy geriatric voice and a strut to match.  I was destined for an entire day of bed rest.  Gone were my plans of stopping by The Salvation Army for a wee shop donation drop off and a play date at the library.  Instead Georgia circled the bed and gave me "get better Mommy" smiles.  That combined with ginger ale and Tylenol make for a pretty effective treatment.

So, as I write this at 11:30pm on Wednesday evening I'm hoping that I'll wake up as fresh as a daisy.  I was just notified that there is a rummage sale in the next town over - a girl like me can't miss something like that!  

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