April 12, 2011

recently thrifted: starburst clock

A couple Sundays ago I forced my family to go flea-ing with me.  It was a very happy day...for me.  No, I think the rest of them had fun.  Georgia had mini pancakes afterward (score!) followed by several sugar related meltdowns (score for other restaurant patrons?).  Hmmm, I have this feeling I'm getting off topic.

Oh yeah - I said something about a clock!
Yes, yes indeed.  That fine fox of a clock is all mine for just five dollars.  Sure, I'm not certain she works but in the end I'm not positive that that really matters.  I've also heard that it's not difficult to fix a clock with a messed up mechanism.

So that's my latest and greatest treasure.  Do you have anything any great finds that are making you say woah?