April 18, 2011

in clothing: red and blue mini

Even though yesterday wasn't totally the 'alone' day that I had planned it still turned out to be pretty darn productive.  Georgia has managed to come down with a case of the pink eye (a close relative of the stink eye).  We thought that would be no biggie until she showed signs of an allergic reaction to the eye drops.  So yesterday she spent much of the day in a puddle of tears on the floor.  Now she is on an herbal formula that he daddy whipped up and we're treating the temporary discomfort from the reaction with baby Tylenol.  Why I felt it necessary to tell you all that...I don't know.

Anyway, back in the craft room I managed to shoot two diy projects and worked away on a free download project.  There projects should be showing up round here very shortly.  And because I thought I'd be in some of the diy photos I got a bit gussied up in a cute new (to me) dress. 

 dress: Mr Idahos Vintage // tights: Value Village (Halloween stock)

I really, really love this dress and it fits perfectly.  I am considering removing the pockets though.  They're a bit heavy and coming undone.  As you can probably tell, the cat spent some time on my lap before I took these shots. It was nice.  We took a break and chatted about our outdoor adventure plans for the someday-soon warm weather.

What did you get up to this weekend?  Was the weather in your favour?  Did you manage to squeeze in any creative projects?

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