April 8, 2011

the end of one very large tattoo

Last Sunday was a very good day (that is unless you are my right arm).  For on this day I sat for my third and final session for my sewing themed half sleeve!

You may recall that after the first session my arm was looking a little something like this...

click to enlarge

Now, after adding lots and lots of colour, my arm is a proud and crafty peacock!  Ladies and gents, I am in love with my newly brightened arm.

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These photos were taken on Tuesday.  My skin wasn't quite at the flaky stage, but definitely getting post-tattoo wrinkles.  We're in full flake mode now and the itchiness is just around the corner.  I've got my slapping hand ready!

I've been hearing lots of talk around Twitter and blogs about new tattoos.  Have you been newly inked lately?  Or do you have any grand body art plans?  Let me know below.