April 8, 2011

photo synthesis: antisocial


from Jess:
To be antisocial can be a cause or a symptom of depression, as well as just being a normal phase we all go through from time to time. It can leave you feeling isolated, on the edge of the darkness, and that feeling is what I aimed to capture in this photograph.

from me:
This weeks word has played such a prominent theme in my life.  I was a shy kid but in my late teens I developed full blown antisocial behaviour.*  I can't say I was happiest when I was all by my lonesome, but I was certainly the most comfortable. These days I can say that I've grown more comfortable in my skin, but still I consider myself a bit of a recluse.  Someday I hope to cash in my club card for an actual social life.

*Okay, not in the truest sense of the word, I'm not a psychopath.

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