March 31, 2011

what I wore: a handmade skirt

My sewing machine and I have been going crazy on a stockpile of vintage dresses that have been hanging in the closet for months.  I love the print on this one in particular, but the shape and fit of this dress was enough to make you cry in a corner for days.

I daydreamed of resizing the dress, fixing the collar, making a waist and shortening the whole thing...but then I go real and just hacked off the bottom portion.  With a minuscule amount of the actual dress I made myself a cute little knee-length number.

Have you all noticed that I'm a bit Barbara Streisand in my outfit photos?  I have a really silly voice in my head telling me that the hair on the unphotographed side is really wonky.  Maybe I'll get over it when my hair grows out, maybe I won't.  I'm still trying to get over how strange it feels to photograph myself.

It was the perfect day to put on a skirt and get outdoors.  Georgia is loving her new found outdoor freedom.  Although she's be upright for a while she was never one for walking on snow.

I'm off for a play date with my lovely friend Crystal of Crafty Ave and later in the evening I'll be having a bloggy/boozey date with Des of So Fawned.  It's going to be a good day!  In the meantime...