March 23, 2011

what I wore: asking for trouble

Yea, that title probably wasn't the wisest choice.  Oh well, you'll see what I mean.

scarf: thrifted / button up: thrifted / belt: thrifted / leggings: WalMart / boots: thrifted / necklace: thrifted

Initially I wasn't going to blog this outfit because it's not all that interesting.  Yes, it's a little more effort than I've put forth historically, but not terribly noteworthy.  I get that.  But I do like the look.  It's simple and clean - or at least that was my hope.

Moments after snapping these shots there was a crying baby awake from her nap.  Moments after that was the most disastrous poop scene since the newborn blow out days.  There were footprints, hand prints and a few grossed out yelps from a mama - but somehow my new white shirt made it out unharmed.  Still, while I held Georgia at arms length and plunked her into the tub I couldn't help but think that I had been asking for it.