March 23, 2011

toffee magazine feature

Exciting news!

I have a cute tutorial featured in the latest edition of Toffee Magazine!  I'm pleased as punch to be in this publication.  The magazine may be fairly young but it's quickly gaining fanfare and it's easy to understand why.  The pages are bright, the design work is perfection and the subject matter is always inspiring.

You can grab a digital copy for just $2.99 and I'll show you how to make a sweet spring cowl like this...

Don't fret - you don't have to make that face.  That's just my signature pretty girl face.

This issue of Toffee is 96 sweet pages and it's jam packed with a crowd of ridiculously talented people.  I'm going to have to assume that they brought me in to bring down the bell curve.  (Jokes, people, just jokes.  I'm full of them when I write blog posts at 4am)

You can also find Toffee on Facebook and Twitter

It's a happy day for me friends!

(Toffee magazine image source here)