March 17, 2011

style it: high waisted pants

Initially this post was going to be a diy where I showed you how to restyle a loose fitting pair of high waisted, pleated trousers into something more fitted, tapered and with a cuff.  I reworked two pairs of pants.  They looked good, but I was unhappy with the finishing.  Then I realized I was overthinking it all.  The pants I was buying were way too big on me - what if I just looked for a pair that were in my size?

I hopped over to the thrift shop, easily found a pair of black pants that matched my criteria (high waist, minimal pleats, belt loops and flowy fabric).  When I tried them on the heavens sang and I realized that this project just got way easier.

I've had a funny relationship with pleats for a very long time.  I've avoided them like the plague for at least the last 17 years.  But I've been seeing this cute pant trend pop up all over the place and these ladies are winning me over.

I need a change from the low waisted jeans that I've been wearing for year.  They do absolutely nothing for your silhouette unless you're doing the whole supermodel skinny thing.  High waisted pants cinches you at the narrowest part of your waist giving you a beauteous shape.

You'll notice that I cuffed my pants for a shorter style.  Personally I feel more comfortable at that length, probably because I'm just getting used to wearing a style of pant like this. 

If you're looking for some tips on how to dress this piece I would seriously suggest watching the video below.  I just found the Clothes Encounters YouTube channel the other night and I'm already obsessed.