March 11, 2011

photos among friends: somnambulism

the word of the week...

from me:
It's a hectic week in this house.  While the boy is out of town I'm busy prepping for next weeks blog party.  Sleepwalking (or as the intellects call it somnambulism) pretty much describes my constant state.  Tomorrow Today I hit the road for a family visit. Driving is typically when I most feel like I'm just going through the motions, not really conscious.  That's why I'll be sure to get a good nights rest this evening (and maybe load up on caffeine in the morning). 

Somnambulism can take many forms... here I decided to enact one of the less-common but possibly well-known possibilities - sleep-eating! Nick had conveniently baked some cupcakes today, so they were the natural choice.

(In our next post I will reveal the new official name of this feature!  Stay tuned friends - it's cute!)