March 4, 2011

photos among friends: connecting


from me: 
I'm kind of a loner by nature (not the cool leather jacket kind though).  Normally I don't see this as a problem, but recently I've begun to wonder how my social behaviour may affect Georgia.  Some have suggested that a second child would fill-in this missing child-to-child interaction, but to save my sanity I've opted for a weekly playdate with a good friend.

from Jess:
I spend a lot of time connecting with people online, and I love all my online friends... but there's something to be said for the physical world. I rarely get out of the house (except to go to the post office!) so the people around me - my family - are the ones I connect the most with in the offline world. 

The most important connection in my life is the one I share with my husband Nick, and the spirit of that is what I tried to capture in this image.

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