March 1, 2011

a one year blogoversary

Today My Girl Thursday quietly celebrates her first anniversary.  Well, this measurement of time isn't exactly true to life, but hear me out... On this day one year ago I made a real commitment to blogging.  I had been a sporadic blogger for years and I was floundering.  At first I did the daily blogging thing, but soon the posts were feeling uninspired and a bit forced.  Instead I moved to (and stuck with) regular posting.  Freedom is truly the bran of blogging.

These past twelve months have been sort of life changing for me.  I've found a wonderful community in this blogging world.  It feels strange to admit it, but keeping this site going adds a butt load of awesome to my life.

So instead of a big fancy party* I thought I would celebrate by showcasing some of my favourite posts from the last year. 

1// the reality of blogging (for me)

2// on building Internet relationships

3// anything vs everything

4// the (home)birth of Georgie G

5// one of the best gifts I've ever made

6// comedienne to a baby

7// the essentialness of an apron

8// I finally made a pie!

9// my creative goals for 2011

Thank you to all of you who stop by this blog and helped make this year such a memorable one for me.  Let's do this again this time next year.