March 15, 2011

in bloom: day two + daily obsession

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the second day of In Bloom: Five Days of Spring Style!  Today we're focusing on your head zone.  Scroll down for posts about spring make up, flat iron hairstyles and adding vintage scarves to your hair.  And once you're finished checking out today's posts, make sure you head on over to Little Tree Vintage for posts from Srslyliz and Tout est-des Roses!

But first we move on to our daily thrifting assignment  Yesterday we scoured Etsy for inexpensive vintage florals.  This one is more challeging; this time we're searching for hats.
clockwise, top left

I only began wearing hats a couple years ago thanks to a very wise boy that told me I was stupid not to.  You see, I have a very large head.  I try to blame it on thick hair but I'm only fooling myself.  I seem to have great luck finding amazing vintage hats, but very rarely can I get one to fit my noggin. 
clockwise, top left

A hat is a super simple way to accessorize your outfit (and hide crappy hair days).  I tend to gravitate towards pieces in one or two colours, that way they're easy to coordinate with your outfit.  However this season may be the one to go a little crazy.  Combined patterns are being splashed all over magazine pages.  Grab a pretty floral hat and pair it with your floral dress - call it romantic.