March 17, 2011

in bloom: day four + daily obsession

We're just about to the end of In Bloom!  Can you believe the week is passing so quickly?  Isn't that always the case when you're having too much fun?  Anyway, onward we march!

Stripes are a hot commodity this season.  Lanky gals marched them up and down the runway at Marc Jacobs spring 2011 show.  Big, bold, obvious stripes on the cheap - that's what we're hunting for today!

clockwise; top left

clockwise; top left

Head over to your local op-shop and you'll soon see that stripes are readily available on just about any rack.  Uniform horizontal stripes tend to be most flattering, but don't stay away from the vertical version just because of that old adage.  Love whatever stripe you love - no matter the size, colour, pattern or direction.

Today on Little Tree Vintage you'll find guest posts from Maie Dae and Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno.   Enjoy my friends!