March 19, 2011

in bloom: day five + daily obsession

Lately shoes have been making my world go round.  In the past I rarely stopped by the shoe department when thrifting.  I have a hard time finding cute things to fit my size 9.5 flippers.  (fun fact: when I lived in China I would literally be laughed out of shoe stores)  But recently I've been braving it and having decent luck finding vintage heels and more current wedges.  My best recent find though were a beautiful pair of heeled oxfords for $5.  They are the pair of my dreams.  I did the double take; scared someone would snatch the single shoe from my greedy hands.

Maybe we can find you the perfect affordable pair of oxfords on Etsy today.  Let's see...

clockwise, from top left

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This party has been fun friends but it's now time to call it a wrap.  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking part in the festivities.  We hope you've been able to connect with the diy spirit of this project and are feeling inspired to get creative with your spring wardrobe.

Also a humongous thank you to the guest bloggers!  You truly were the life of the party and we couldn't have done it without y'all!

And remember, the inspiration doesn't stop here.  Stop by My Girl Thursday often for more diy and style inspiration.  Happy almost-weekend my lovelies!