March 15, 2011

fresh make-up for spring from a girl named astrid


My name is Astrid!
For those of you who don't know me...
I'm a 15 year old girl who lives in the middle of nowhere. 
I love anything vintage!
I collect vintage cameras (ok well I guess you could say I kinda hoard them, I have 33 *gasp* yep you heard me right!).
I love life too much and enjoy the little things that make everyday things so special.

I am here to show you a light, flirty, spring makeup style!

To start off, lets see what we need....

#1 Clean for sensitive skin by COVERGIRL. In other words your favorite foundation.
#2 A light peachy lip gloss.
#3 Eye shadow in shades of light pink.
#4 (I just like to use this because of the texture, and the nice almost airbrushed look it give me.)Dream matte mousse foundation.
#5 Maybelline new york eye studio gel eye liner.
#6 a good mascara, I really like 'one by one volume express' by maybelline.
#7 your favorite blush, in a light tone. I like more of a light pink rather than a rose, just for the cute vintage look it can give.
#8 lip balm! I can't live without Burt's  Bees!
#9 a nice concealer.
#10 A blush brush, and a angled eye liner brush (if you are going to be using a liquid eye liner this will not be needed.)
#11 a lip stick of your choosing.

ALWAYS always always put on lotion before anything else! It will make for a smoother application of foundation and will result in no flaky skin!

When applying your foundation put one dot on your nose, two on each cheek, two on your chin and one on your forehead. Then begin to smooth it out over your skin. We are using dots to start off with because less makeup really is more *grin*.   We don't want any pancake faces! 

After that let your lips have a little happy time, and put on some lip balm!

I like to get a tissue and lightly go in circles all over my face to take off any excess foundation. 

Now for the eye liner! This can seem scary at first but follow my tips and you will become very comfortable with it.
Now, I'm using a gel liner because it goes on smooth, won't smudge, won't flake out like some liquid eye liner does, and in my mind is just a lot easier!

Start in the inner corner of your eye by lightly dabbing it along your lash line.
 Slowly work your way along until you reach about halfway, now ever so slightly make your line bigger by going a little higher.

Then it's time for the 'flip'. All you have to do is keep going with the line, once you reach the outer corner of your eye, keep going about one cm out and then slightly 'flip' the corner out.
You should now have a smooth, sweet little 'cat eye' as I like to call it.

Now put two coats of mascara on your top lashes, and one coat on your bottom.

 Remember how we are using a light palette of colors? Let's get that light pink eye shadow on to brighten up your pretty eyes!
Don't forget to put the lightest color just under your brow, one shade darker over the whole eye, then the darkest color in the crease.

I like COVERGIRL's lip stain because it lasts all day. But if you prefer lip stick, add a little peach to those lips!

Now a little lip gloss.

 For your cheeks we are not going to  put on a lot. Just a little pink blush for a youthful sweet, look.

And there you have it! A light and flirty makeup, for spring!

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