March 16, 2011

diy: ruffled lace socks

Oh, these socks!  They make my heart swoon.  And the best part?  They cost next to nothing.  When I was shopping the other day I found a pair that were going for $8.  I loved them, but that's not going to happen.  These beauties might have cost me 75 cents, maybe.

For this project you'll need:
one pair of socks
2 pieces of lace measuring 11" each
straight pins
sewing machine (or needle and thread)

First you're going to turn your lace strips into lace circles.  Sew right sides together. This is how they should look in the end.

Next turn your sock inside out.  Place the straight edge of the lace even with the top edge of the sock. (Do a better job than I did in this photo though, your sock will thank you for that)

Pin your lace in place (rhyme!).  Make sure you're stretching the sock opening as far as you can while you do this.  This will prevent bunching and ensure that you can get the sock over your foot.

Time to sew!  Make sure you stretch the sock opening while you sew.  All for the same reasons listed above.

Tie of your threads and you've got some super pretty, lacey socks for spring.  Swoon!

Now I'm on the hunt for a pretty floral sock so I can give it the same treatment (thanks for the idea Jenna!)