March 19, 2011

diy: geometric print tank top

Geometric prints are so popular right now and it's not hard to see why.  They're clean and simple and so easy to match with just about anything.  Today I'm going to show you a very easy way to print your own geometric pieces.  I went with a triangle pattern this time, but you could easily change it to a circle, square, heptagon (okay, now I'm just being an idiot - why don't we just get started).

Find a tee or tank top of your liking.  I found this cute thing at the thrift store, but I wasn’t digging the pocket so much.  My friend the seam ripper helped fix that in a jiffy.
Next you’ll want to prep your triangle stamp.  I used a scrap piece of a soft lino pad.  You could also you an eraser or even a potato if you were feeling really arts and crafty. 
Draw your triangle on your medium of choice and cut it out.
Next get your shirt ready for printing.  I always sandwich a layer of newspaper in the middle of my shirts.  I tend to be generous with my ink and that often results in bleeding through.
It’s ink time!  I put a little too much out for this project.  Remember a little bit of ink goes a long, long way.  For paint/ink I used a tube of Simply Screen from Plaid.  I found a really pretty metallic shade called Pond Scum on sale for less than $2.
Roll out some ink with your brayer.  Make sure you have a generous and somewhat even coating on your tool. 
Now run your brayer over your triangle stamp giving it an even coating.

Start stamping!  Because the positioning of the triangles is related in the overall design I started stamping from the top.

Stamp some more.

This particular ink didn’t give an amazing payoff on the first round (actually that’s sort of the nature of stamping on fabric).  But this was easily remedied with another round of printing.

Make sure you read the directions on your bottle of ink.  Setting times vary from brand to brand.  Also, you have to heat set many inks.  Follow their rules and your print will stay put.
I’m digging this geometric thing.  I have a feeling that this little triangle may have a run in with a  few more of my shirts.