March 13, 2011

15 months + an outfit + other little bits

Today my crazy-cool, screamy-shouty, heart-swelling little bean is 15 months old.

Sadly she is suffering from a stuffy nose.  I accept responsibility for this.  She and I have been sharing far too many goodnight kisses.  Today I'm hoping we can find some time to pop over to the photobooth at the mall.  We try to have a photoshoot every month on this day.

In other news I've been busy getting ready for the In Bloom blog party.  Everything will get underway tomorrow morning.  I'm both nervous and very excited; this project has been a tonne of work!  Initially the blog party was going to last for seven days, but because a number of participants were not able to take part after all, we've decided to knock it down to five days.  Besides, after 5 days of thrifting and diy inspiration you going to need a full weekend to thrift and sew!

hat - soft spoken / shirt - stitches (altered neckline myself
camisole - thrifted / brooch - thrifted / jeans - thrifted / boots - eBay

I've spent much of this week getting gussied up, taping vlogs, snapping photos and thrifting.  It's been a lot of fun and I can't wait to share everything with y'all!

Today my handsome guy comes back from (hopefully) his final business trip until October.  George and I can't wait to hop into bed and read a billion new stories.  Happy Sunday friends!  Get ready to be bombarded with awesome and inspiring posts tomorrow!